The Rise of Creative Machine - an introduction to Generative AI

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Grab front row seats to the artificial intelligence event that's shaping the future. Generative AI represents a seismic shift - technology that can create brand new content, designs, and insights instead of just analyzing data.

This book takes you on an engaging tour of the breakthroughs in machine learning fueling this revolution. ChatGPT, Claude and DALL-E are just the beginning. Through fun examples and clear explanations, you’ll learn how generative models work . You’ll see the technology applied across industries like healthcare, finance, automotive and more.

Key insights you will discover:

  • The core techniques behind generative AI models - GPT, Diffusion, Transformers, and more
  • The economic and social implications of automated content creation and artificial imagination
  • How fields like software, transportation, drug discovery, and creativity could be transformed by generative AI
  • How different personas such as doctor, accountant, plumber, electricians can use generative AI into their life and enhance the productivity.
  • Current capabilities and limitations - where generative AI excels, struggles and its future potential

The Rise of Creative Machines - An Introduction to Generative AI

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The Rise of Creative Machine - an introduction to Generative AI

3 ratings
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